The Veterans

A veteran “a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field

In this instance the veterans have gotten rad with the Freestyle Now squad and they have decided to move on with their lives and take up new and exciting things, they still ride but maybe not as much or are busy with their daily lives. These squad members are part of our history. They have helped shaped Freestyle Now with their radness. They have been on tour around the country, shared the highs and lows, laughed and cried, broken and healed and rolled out the rad to the masses. We need to honor our veterans they are the radness.

Georg MolnarKie AshworthTim Rose

Georg Molnar – BMX

Georg Molnar was one of the founding members of Freestyle Now. It was after Shaun Jarvis left the Redline trick team that Georg and Shaun got together and formed their own “bmx trick team” Georg brought his own style of riding to Freestyle Now and rode in the very first few bmx stunt shows that we did in 1986-1987. Georg had some of the best endo variations that were the raddest. 30 years after leaving Freestyle Now Georg bought himself a bmx cruiser (larger wheels) and proceeded to hit up the skateparks with the same style and flair that he had years ago.

In 2017 Georg gets on a bmx and after a few jumps lays down some style. 30 years between radness is a long time

No Problem. Cowboy endo in the Fremantle mall early 1987

Georg Molnar mid front hops at the Girra-Doola fair show in March 1987

Always one for the fun, X up one footer kick turn at the Fremantle bmx track, January 1987

Date of Birth – October 1969
Freestyle Now squad member since – August 1986 – August 1987 
Specialty – Didn’t really have one. Did mostly flatland due to a lack of ramps/skateparks in Perth at the time. I was inspired by the awesome aerial photos of what we considered massive airs by the likes of Eddie Fiola & Mike Dominguez.
Started riding bmx – 1981 in Singapore
Main type of riding – Street / Racing and 1984 onwards Freestyle
How did you get into riding? – Everyone in Singapore had either high bar banana seat ‘Choppers’ or Raleigh Grifters. Then one day I see a Malay kid pulling a wheelie all the way down the street on a blue rigid, straight framed bike with blue tyres. That was the first BMX I ever saw in the flesh and it just blew me away. Within like a month everyone was riding BMX bikes. The entrepreneurial Singaporean bike shops had jumped on the BMX bandwagon instantly. We built jumps and made a track on the edge of a bit of jungle. We raced there almost every day for nearly a year. In late 1983 I moved to Perth from Singapore and it was hard finding like-minded BMX mad friends until much later on.
What was your first bike? – MT Sports, a Taiwanese Brand that was relatively cheap and had blue tyres! (Sing.$178 vs $360 for a Kuwahara E.T.). It came with Japanese ‘Ukai’ brand blue steel rims, which I soon swapped out for ‘Araya’ Aluminium Alloys with ‘SR’ hubs. I watched an old Chinese guy at the local bike shop build, balance & true the Arayas. They were light and fast – I loved them.
Who has influenced you the most in riding? – In 1984, when I’d been in Australia less than a year and nobody in my school was into BMX freestyling, I went to see the Australian BMX Championships held in Byford, just outside Perth. I saw Bob Haro’s performance and it seemed to be just out of this world! That just motivated me to try hard to learn some of those tricks. As a side note….I had no idea Shaun Jarvis was there that day too, as we both didn’t meet for another 2 years I was also inspired by R.L.Osborn and dreamed of emulating what he was doing at the time.
What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – The buzz of excitement in performing in front of a crowd with my mates.
Why do you ride? – I rode because of mateship and I wanted to experience the feeling of what it’d be like to achieve getting ‘massive airs’ off jumps of ramps.
What has been your worst injury? – Nothing bad. Had the usual like gashed shins, bruised everything, but no broken bones riding. I had more permanent injuries from playing soccer.

Kie Ashworth – BMX

Kie Ashworth has been a member of the Freestyle Now squad since 2005. His first ever stunt shows was out in Corrigin in August 2005. Kie’s ability on his bike is unbelievable. A natural raw talent with such power and ability that it is a pleasure to watch him ride. Kie was one of the first Australian riders to be sponsored directly by American bmx companies FBM and Animal without being into the American competition scene. Kie has helped us grow and given so much rad to the people. Kie Ashworth is a deserving member of the veterans squad.

beach to bush concert kie superman nov 2011

 Kie Ashworth always delivers at a Freestyle Now bmx stunt show, this superman is the goods

Kie Ashworth Icepick chink the buoy at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

Kie set his goal to ice the top of the buoy at the Fremantle skatepark and with a few goes it was done without effort

Date of Birth – April 1988
Freestyle Now squad member since – August 2005 – Veterans – August 2015
Specialty The ability to ride anything with ease, able to jump higher than anyone, style plus
Started riding bmx – Ten years young
Main type of riding – Everything except race and flat
How did you get into riding? – Just liked the bikes to start with, I guess a chrome bmx bike is like a kids Harley Davidson. Then I realised you could jump them, etc etc
What was your first bike? –  Haro Ri, all chrome baby
Who has influenced you the most in riding? – My friends and OUR scene, not the internets
What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – First demo was a down hill one, I had no breaks and nearly died many times… First comp was probably something local.
Why do you ride? – Fun!! Man it’s indescribable
What has been your worst injury? – Guts hanging out

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Kie Ashworth was featured in the ground breaking video out of Western Australia How Hard Is It. Kie has the opening section
to the video and even though it was released in 2006 it is still an amazing section to watch and give credit to Kie’s bmx skills

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by the FBM bike co for many years. This is a video edit dome for FBM in mid 2010

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by Stowaway Distribution for many years and this is one of the video edits that Kie did for them.


Tim Rose – BMX

Tim Rose has been a member of Freestyle Now squad since 2006. His first show was at the Wanneroo Agricultural show in November 2006. We needed another rider and Kie Ashworth said we should have Tim come and ride with us as he is a good rider. Kie was not wrong. Tim has power and flow in his riding, always has, as he had come from a bmx racing background. Tim is an iconic member of Freestyle Now as he shares his birthday with one of our very first stunt shows back in march 1987 at the Fremantle speed classic. Tim loves his jumps and has sent himself over some dam large jumps. His frequent trips to America led him to be riding at the famous Catty Woods trails, where he meet Ashley, fell in love and got married. BMX shapes your life when you are a bmx rider. Tim now had a big piece of land in the hills of Perth building a house and slowly building himself a set of dirt trails. Tim Rose is a deserving member to be added to the Freestyle Now veteran’s squad members list.

port hedland April 2013 Tim Rose table top on the full pipe

Tim Rose has so much style, this table top air on the pipe in Port Hedland is all the evidence you need.

Tim Rose boosting dirt jumps

Tim likes to jump big dirt jumps.

Date of Birth – March 1987
Freestyle Now squad member since  November 2006 – Veterans August 2015
Specialty BMX riding, jumping large jumps easy, no hander one footer jumps, mad styles
Started riding bmx – About 1999
How did you get into riding? – I used to hit curbs as fast as I could, from there it turned into racing
What was your first bike? – Mongoose California
Who has influenced you the most in riding? – I looked up to a lot of pros when I was younger,
but now I guess just
my mates and whoever is having fun.
What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – Guildford X games trials. Me and my mate were trying
to work out runs together and I think we ended up doing the same run.

Why do you ride? – It’s a good feeling for my own fulfilment
What has been your worst injury? – Cracking my knee cap…….worst thing ever

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Tim Rose and a day at the trails. Get back to the origins of BMX and build some jumps. Enjoy.

This is one of the videos from Tim’s adventures to America back in October 2011 with Kie Ashworth and Jake Corless
from the trails at Catty and Posh.

Georg Molnar – Kie Ashworth – Tim Rose

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