Freestyle Now at Flatark 2014 – Kobe Japan


Back in October 2014 Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Jason Parker and Paul Chamberlain traveled to Japan to compete in Flatark, one of the stops in the flatland world series of contests. The three riders travelled there with a few other Australian riders for the contest and most importantly good times. Spending a week in Japan the group visited Osaka, Kobe (the contest city) and Kyoto. Riding every day, sightseeing, experiencing new culture and making new friends. The three squad members sent in a few words about their travel experience read on and be inspired to venture outside of your city. This year Shaun Jarvis and Paul Chamberlain are again venturing off to Kobe to once again experience all things Flatark

Freestyle Now squad members at flatark 2014

Left to right Paul Chamberlain, Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker at the Flatark contest site in Kobe Japan

Shaun Jarvis – I had never been out of Australia before, so I was a bit nervous on what to expect. I knew it would be a bit of a culture shock. So much happened over the ten days it’s so hard to tell everything. It was an experience I’m so glad to have been on. Meeting new people and seeing new things is what inspires me to travel. Here are some of the experiences that were the highlights of the trip.
I travelled with Jason from Perth and Paul said he would meet us at Osaka airport, well no Paul there to meet us, so only armed with the accommodation address and not able to really communicate with anyone due to language barrier it was a late night train mission to get to our accommodation. Two trains later, we finally get close and exit the train station to the street, build our bikes and ride towards were we think we need to go. Counting the streets on the map as we pass them, a left turn, another can you help us, we finally get to our accommodation about 11:30pm to see Paul standing out the front. A little surreal. After travelling for 18 hours I just wanted to shower and sleep. Not as easy as you would think. Paul had taken care of the accommodation and we were staying in a traditional Japanese capsule hotel. So the format to get to your bed was as follows, Take shoes off, take to counter, get your shoe locker key, put shoes in locker, go back to counter give shoe locker key back, get clothing locker key which is also bed number, take gear to locker, change out of cloths into sleeping cloths. To shower you headed down stairs to the bath house, take off cloths and put everything into bath locker take key with you on wrist, yeah it was a confusing system. Anyway so first night was a team bonding experience with Paul, Jason and myself experiencing the traditional Japanese bath house, being naked together with a bunch of other guest all bathing and showering, something I never thought I would be doing when I stepped on the plane in Perth.
The uniforms the people wear are awesome, it’s like a privilege, or to show the importance of their job, train drivers, nurses, police, security, rubbish men, there seemed to be a uniform for any job. It was great to see and I thought it seemed a very respectable thing. We were riding late at night in Kyoto and went down a street then down a side ally where there were these workers in well dressed in uniforms and helmets, I did not know what they were doing, pushing wheel borrows of bags, and turns out they were the rubbish men collecting the trash, in their uniforms.
The contest was awesome, so many flatlanders of all ages. In the expert class (the class I was in) there were 3 groups, a total of 45 riders, many from Japan and some from around the world. I was lucky enough to be in the first group so I got my run over with early.  The call was up for practice/warm up, something like 15 riders all trying to roll on the special built stage for the contest, it was daunting, and I found that I had to not be so polite and force my way out on the floor as I was struggling to get a roll in. In the end I started to feel comfortable riding on the stage, my name was called for my turn, I was so nervous, my first international competition. Hundreds of people watching. Most of the time at the DownUnderGround flatland contests it’s mainly just riders that I know. I had a run planned out, we had a minute and a half to throw down, and I stumbled a bit at the start but then got my groove on and had a flawless last half of the run. I was pumped, as I knew that I rode my best. The best part was a lot of the other Japanese riders came up and were giving me props. I was more stoked on the mutual respect from the riders than the contest run I had just done. In the end I placed 35th out of 45 riders.
On our last night in Japan we were in Osaka. We were heading out to go ride with the locals at the university. It was a fair long ride from where we were staying. Being vegan and gluten free in Japan is a challenge and on this night we were riding to get food on the way to the riding spot. During my stay I found it hard to eat with the others as most of the eateries did not have vegan and gluten free food so it was constant visits to the convenience store to get rice, cabbage and bananas. This is what I mainly ate, and lost 2kg while in Japan. On this the last night my energy levels were low as I had not had much to eat so I was pumped to get to the eatery for a meal. To say I was greatly disappointed when we arrived to again find that they did not cater for my diet. So to not get lost I just road straight up the same street, taking a left or right turn could spell disaster by getting lost, all the streets look the same. So after a 5 minute ride I found a supermarket, yes a score. I walked out of there with a great selection of fruits and raw vegetables. Sitting on the streets of Osaka I had a feast. By the time a meet back up with the other riders and headed to the university to ride I was full of energy, this was a great example of food equals energy. When we got to the riding spot everyone had a bit of a ride and then slowly they just started talking and sitting around saying how cold they were, rugged up in big hoodies. I on the other had just wanted to ride and ride I did. One of the best sessions I had in Japan, so good I ended up going shirtless and still sweating hard. The others could not believe it, here I was riding shirtless while they are all just standing around shivering in the cold.

Shaun Jarvis in Osaka for flatark 2014

Shaun Jarvis on the last night of riding on the trip in Osaka, tomahawk.

Paul Chamberlain – What can I say about it. Even though my life is here I’m always a little bit sad to leave and a little bit too excited to set off. Whatever you do there, it’s a rewarding experience because it’s always so different from here. There are lots of great flatlanders there too. You can get a year’s motivation in just a few minutes sometimes. Japan. I’m really proud of all the boys for making the effort to attend. We’re all over 30 and have plenty going on back in Oz so it was a really precious time to just roll together. We did three cities, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. The pics will tell some of our stories, and the rest, well you can come with us next year!

Paul Chamberlain in Osaka for flatark 2014

Paul Chamberlain at the Osaka University on one of the late night riding sessions that went down.

Jason Parker – Where to start ? Arrived at Perth International airport at 3.00am meet Mr Jarvis. Checked in on Singapore airlines went to the lounge and had a killer breakfast. When we arrived at Singapore we checked out the Changi airport we caught a train within the complex to our next terminal and had lunch at another lounge. After hours of sleep and movies we made it to Japan. We got through custom’s hit Macas and looked for Paul Cee. Now it was like 11.30pm no Paul. So we decided to catch the train headed for Namba.  We got our tickets and hauled ourselves on to the train. After 1.5hrs we got to Namba station Osaka. Then the stations were closing up for the night. Shaun and i thought sick “were going street riding”!!. We got out on the streets and built our steads up. Now we headed for our accom. Our first roll on the streets of Japan. Flatark here we come ! Sure we had no idea were to go but as bicycle freestylers this is our way of life. Any rider knows this is part of the adventure. So after 15 min we were lost. Lol but hey who cares. We found some dudes that told us we were close but didn’t know where we actually were staying. Then we headed down some more streets and Shaun says “what’s that joint” ?. Well the flatland gods were leading us straight to our main man “Beefy”. Yes we found Paul Cee. Standing in the door of “what’s that place”. Sweet 2.30am just about 24 hrs after leaving Perth we can now Party. Lol Things are starting out different to Oz.
Our bikes have to be locked up outside under a subway like 5 min from where we are staying. Our beds are “capsules” and to top it off no showers but good ol bath fun ;-). Welcome to Japan. So after a great sleep i run into a ol mate Ron who i didn’t actually recognize until the aussie accent came out. Wow what a shock well after checking star bucks talking samurai swords and seeing Osaka castle we had our first session. I was pumped i finally pulled my link for the first time since creating it in my head in August. Just need to do it on the Sunday. So we had all the crew Shaun, Paul, Shane, Chris, Matt, Ronnie and Luke. We went and had Saki with some amazing Japanese food and beer. Day 3 was heading to Kobe so we grabbed another train and 1.5hrs later we arrived. Paul led the way we got our next capsules sorted and went down to check the Flatark comp. Well wow wow wow never seen so many flatland bikes ever! And the Japanese kids were just incredible. I felt someone tap my shoulder I turned and Ag was standing behind me. He is a local Japanese legend who travels the world living and riding flatland. I was so Stoked to see him after getting to ride with him in Sydney a few years earlier. We had a brief session with the crew Bobby, Terry, Ryan, Vicki, Dez and a few others. Then it was open class Qualifiers so we headed to watch Beefy go and represent. The level of riding blew my mind the consistency was just like watching a YouTube edit. These guys meant business lol.
After the Qualifiers we got ready to head to the demo and first party of Flatark. A few more beers and some cool stories from the riders at the event then the moment everyone was waiting for to see the Flatark ark judges do this demo. They got crazy for the crowed and rode with style and grace like only all that experience of a lifelong flat rider has. Old and new school all in one. Then we headed home so we could get some r and r before the 8.00am sign up of the expert class. So the day had come feeling nervous and excited we all head back to sign up. They had 3 groups in expert Shaun group 1 Chris and myself group 2 and Matt group 3. Well me and Chris lucked out probably with the easier group. Everyone rode so well and gave it their all. The experience of the comp was the most nervous I have ever felt ever on my bike. But anyone who wants to see the best flatland in real life needs to go to Flatark as its insane level of Flatland for competition. The open class have to battle for the top 12. This is the most grueling and craziest way for a Flatland comp as it’s awesome for the crowed watching but for the riders it’s more than riding one or two sick runs. It’s a battle of the fittest and that really makes this comp challenging mentally and physically for the rider. So after realizing I had smoke coming out of my head and pinching myself I saw the podium results and then typical rider fashion P A R T Y. We got to go on this boat and hang with everyone from the comp.
It was EPIC ! Once the boat ride ended we rode the streets of Kobe and made our way to a night club hanging with everyone again. Then we got back to the capsules about 4.00am. Our accom run out at 10am so we then headed to the train station at Kobe and I departed the crew for the trip home. Was good fun travelling with no camera or phone or any electronics not even a map. Yes I did make it back home somehow. Lol. Flatark is a must for anyone who loves Flatland.

Jason Parker in Osaka for flatark 2014

Jason Parker only went to Japan for a few days but enjoyed it so much, cross footed McCircles  at Sakuranomiya. Osaka.

More photos from their epic trip can be found on Shaun’s Facebook page here

The below video is the footage from the contest runs that Paul, Shaun and Jason did at the 2014 FlatArk contest in Kobe Japan.

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Kie Ashworth moves onto the Veterans


Kie Ashworth has been a member of the Freestyle Now squad since 2005. His first ever stunt shows was out in Corrigin in August 2005. A whole lot of rad has taken place since then. Freestyle Now has grown and so has Kie, from a young 17 year old to a fully grown man who is still a kid at heart. Kie’s ability on his bike is unbelievable. A natural raw talent with such power and ability that it is a pleasure to watch him ride. Kie was one of the first Australian riders to be sponsored directly by American bmx companies FBM and Animal without being into the American competition scene. Kie does not ride as much as he did due to other life commitments which happens but there was no way we wanted him to leave the Freestyle Now squad as he has helped us grow and given so much rad to the people. Kie Ashworth is a deserving member of the veterans squad.
Check out the archive of all things Kie Ashworth here

Kie Ashworth Icepick chink the bouy at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

Kie Ashworth ice chinking the top of the buoy at Fremantle skatepark. This is massive.

Kie Ashworth bmx stunt shows 2005 - 2007

Clockwise from top left – Kie at his first Freestyle Now bmx stunt show in Corrigin 2005 with a 360 over the box – Kie at Corrigin again with a phone snap of this massive turndown, Kie always goes high – Kie in Coolgardie in 2006 – Backflip turndown at the Albany Show in 2007.

gidgegannup show 2010 kie boost

Kie can boost high, this one from the Gidgegannup show in 2010 shows just how high Kie can go.

Kie Ashworth lookback the hip at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

One of the last photo shoots from last year we had with Kie at Fremantle skatepark.

Kie Ashworth was featured in the ground breaking video out of Western Australia How Hard Is It. Kie has the opening section to the video and even though it was released in 2006 it is still an amazing section to watch and gives credit to Kie’s bmx skills

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by the FBM bike co for many years. This is a video edit dome for FBM in mid 2010

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by Stowaway Distribution for many years and this is one of the video edits that Kie did for Animal.

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Downunderground round two – The video round


The DownUnderGround contest series has been rolling in Australia since 2008 and Freestyle Now has supported the series since day 1. BMX flatland in Australia is very small compared to other disciplines of bmx but with the DownUnderGround national bmx flatland contest the art of flatland can grow. This year DownUnderGround is into its 7th series. Round 1 took place in Sydney in February and round 3 will be taking place in Melbourne on the 28th of November. These are physical contests where riders all converge in one location and compete. As Australia is a large country it can be difficult and expensive for riders to travel to lots of contests during the year so the “video round” was created. It gave the opportunity to still hold 3 contests in the year to work towards a year end title yet riders only had to travel to the two locations, Sydney and Melbourne.

downunderground video round 2 2015

The video contest concept is simple, each rider in pro or advanced or beginner classes gets to submit one contest video run, between one and two minutes long, as if they were riding at a flatland contest. (It must be unedited and continuous, no video cuts) It can be filmed on any device, quality of video is not important. You don’t need to make the video fancy or have music backing or spend stacks of time editing it. You are judged on the quality of your riding not the quality of the video. The video run gets judged using the same criteria as a normal contest, difficulty, consistency and variety. Points are awarded and these points go towards the year end title.

To get the full details and all the information on DownUnderGround the video round and how to submit your video head over BMXflatlandAustralia and start riding and submit your videos, Australian flatland needs you.


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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Northam agricultural show


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt show returned to the Northam Agricultural show once again to entertain the people. The lead up to the two day show was a wet one with rain forecast over the two day. Friday night was great with the rain staying away while Freestyle Now rolled out the rad with some great entertaining bmx stunt shows. Squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli were joined by reserves squad members Matt Adkins and Brady Thomas to perform some bmx stunts on the Friday night. Over night the rain came down, hard and heavy. Come Saturday morning it was still raining and doubt was cast on the ability for Freestyle Now to perform. After waiting till 1pm the ground dried up and it was show time. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli returned for day two and this time they were joined by fellow squad members Laurence Bakewell and Dylan Schmidt. After the 1st show of the day it was a check of the weather radar, the next shows was at 2pm and 3pm. Come 2pm it was show time but the dark clouds were approaching. The 2nd show for the day was all done and then without a break it was straight into the final 10 minute show for the day as the rain was coming towards Northam and coming fast. As soon as the 3rd show was done it was straight into pack up mode, with the PA system packed away 5 minutes after finishing the show the rain bucketed down. Its finally stopped long enough to pack away the ramp system. There was again some crazy riding taking place over the 2 day show. Thank you to the Northam show for once again organizing a great agricultural show, this one their 125th. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015 - David Pinelli dipped 360

David Pinelli gets his dipped 360 on in the sunshine before the dark clouds came in.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015

Clockwise from top left – Matt Adkins throws in a downside tailwhip – Brady Thomas with toboggan – David Pinelli backflips over Shaun Jarvis doing a Norrie stand – Dylan Schmidt jumps high, high enough to jump over the 187cm tall Shaun Jarvis.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015 - Dylan Schmidt super whip

Dylan Schmidt big super whip while the dark clouds roll in.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015 - Laurence Bakewell 360 double tailwhip

Laurence Bakewell is crazy and this 360 double tail whip is proof, check the rain on its way, it was heavy.

More photos of the day can be found on our facebook page.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Rally Cross Brisbane


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Brisbane Rally Cross event. Rally Cross is car racing done on a combination of dirt and asphalt over huge jumps with up to 10 cars competing at the same time. Freestyle Now performed some bmx flatland and kicker ramp stunt shows to the crowds. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Flatland bmx - Brisbane Rally Cross September 2015

Clockwise from top left – Reece Jones hits the kicker and throws in a barspin – Paul Chamberlain rolling a hitchhiker – Lee Kirkman scuffs and spins for the crowds – Paul Chamberlain spinning.

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Freestyle Now – Beenleigh bmx competition


Freestyle Now recently hosted the first bmx competition at Beenleigh skatepark in many years. Beenleigh skatepark has had a long bmx history with lots of big competitions taking place there during the past 20 years. Lots of famous bmx pro riders starting out as little kids riding in these competitions, but over the last few years these competitions have stopped. To fill that void Freestyle Now set about to host a bmx competition there. What a day it was. With 5 categories, under 13’s, amateur and pro park as well as amateur and pro mini ramp to get through the day was going to be hectic. The few days before the competition the weather has not been favorable and many thought that the competition would not happen on the day. With blue skies abound on the morning of the competition it was hopeful, although the weatherman was saying something different. The competition was held in conjunction with a hotrod car show which brought people from all over to the day, a mix of bmxers and car enthusiasts were everywhere, a good turnout it was.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh competition 1st place pro Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis, higher, faster, radder, 1st place and $250 plus a plethora of prizes

First up was the under 13’s, and these young guns were ready to fire. Some amazing riding went down in this class with some big tricks, the future is coming up. The amateur class was waiting to hit it up next. The level that these guys were riding at it won’t be long until they are turning pro. Kurt Lewis took out the first with some good radness and plenty of use of the park. Young nervous first time competitor Jack Grey took out the 2nd, he was stoked, with nice big tricks like truck drivers and flairs. Third place was all Braydon Kitewho rode hard and did one of the crazy tricks of the day, a 270 super whip but the bike was vertical, it took 3 goes to get it but once done was a killer response from the large crowd.
The pro class was up next. With $250 up for first place and the boasting rights this was going to be a tight competition. Dylan Lewis took out the win to much of his amazement. At presentation time he was not there and we got him on the phone to tell him and he was stoked. He went higher than anyone else, used the entire park and has so much power his win did not come as a shock to the judges. Second went to Thomas Bridges, 4 points behind Dylan, who was throwing himself and bike around with flips over the spine and hitting many lines with good consistency. Brad Woodward took out the third with one point behind Thomas and one point ahead of Mike Ross in 4th. This was a hard competition to be a judge. Brad hit the ramps with confidence and consistency using as much as the park as he could, his 360 unturndowns were rad.
The mini ramp competition was about to start but first it was a weather check as the clouds were getting darker, with a look at the radar armageddon was going to happen. There is rain in them clouds someone said and they were right. No sooner had the call been made on not running the mini ramp comp the water started to come. With a quick reorganize of equipment it was presentation time under a small tent, this made for an interesting situation dude to the amount of product that our competition sponsors had put forward but we handled it in the best way possible.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition pro class

Clockwise from top left – Pro – Thomas Bridges flips the spine to help him get the second place – Brad Woodward placed 3rd in pro park and did tricks like this lazy truckdriver over the bigger box – Mike Ross is boss, a mad nac nac looking back straight into the camera, 4th place – Dale O’Brien flip whips and took out 5th place, yes the pro class was a tough one.

Freestyle Now would like to thank the following companies and people for making the day so rad. Lee Kirkman for getting the park glass and rubbish free for the day. Colony BMX for the trophies and products, Nightfall Bike co, X rated helmets, Ethereal Clothing, Pumped Industries, Spent Clothing, Sweet ride bmx , Kandy Box clothing , 34R bmx company, South East Cycles in Beenleigh, GC compound, To the ladies who opened the Beenleigh bmx track canteen and supplied the power for the day and all the food for the spectators, Mark Schneider​ for the PA speaker, Nathan Philps​ and Ryan Cullen​ for judging and Anthony Fuller and the car club for organizing the car show, on the same day. And to the competitors who came and helped roll out the rad.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition Amature class

Clockwise from top left –  Amateurs – First place getter Kurt Lewis foot plants the wall – Young Jack Grey flairs the roller quarter while the rain clouds gather, 2nd place – Braydon Kite gets this crazy on, 270 superwhip thingo and a 3rd place – Joshua Forshaw took out 4th place with moves like this tuck nohander.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition under 13's

 Clockwise from top left – Under 13’s – Clay Drain firsts and flips – 2nd place Cooper Wilson transfers from the big box to the bigger box – Ashley Warburton getting loose and a 3rd – Young Will Fraser power wheelies over the tarbox and came in 4th.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition – 29th August 2015 – Official results

Under 13’s Park – 1st Clay Drain, 2nd Cooper Wilson, 3rd Ashley Warburton, 4th Will Fraser, 5th Koby Drain, 6th Brayden Gallagher, 7th James McPhee.

Amateur Park – 1st Kurt Lewis, 2nd Jack Grey,3rd Braydon Kite, 4th Joshua Forshaw, 5th Connor Riley, 5th Jayde Kite, 7th Jakeb Dugdell, 8th Aaron Hawkins, 9th Mark Albert, 10Nick Hine, 11Nathan Hine

Pro Park – 1st Dylan Lewis, 2nd Thomas Bridges, 3rd Brad Woodward, 4th Mike Ross, 5th Dale O’Brien, 6th Clint Millar, 7th Jayden Fuller, 8th Chris James, 9th Reece Jones, 10th Lee Kirkman, 11th Jayden Stacey.

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South Hedland skatepark competition – Round 12 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series Skatepark


Round 12 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place in one of the biggest skateparks in Australia. Situated in South Hedland in the northwest of Australia the new skatepark was opened in March. It’s a massive park with endless possibilities. The scene in South Hedland is rad, lots of young crew so egger to shred and learn new tricks, they are progressing so fast and why wouldn’t they with such a rad facility to ride. There was a great number of spectators there on the day which is rad to see and lots of parents supporting the competitors on the day. Thank you to all the competitors who rolled and a big thank you to our supporters Local BMX, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co. as well as  the Town of Port Hedland for supporting a great competition.

Freestyle Now South Hedland skatepark competition 15th August 2015 scooter rider Anthony Dann

Anthony Dann took out 6th place in the scooter advanced class but he was the only competitor boosting the spine this high. So rad.

Freestyle Now South Hedland skatepark competition 15th August 2015

Clockwise from top left – Patrick Wright took out the first place in the bmx class with some rad moves like this little flatty over the flatbank hip – Jack Velkoski has live in South Hedland for nearly 15 years and was pumped to ride this park. First place in skateboard, on the vert wall – Cyirl Jones won the Scooter beginners class and he was stoked – Jay Thorby placed first in the scooter advanced class with lots of good moves. This rewind out of the bowl was one of them.

 More photos of the competition can be found on the facebook page here.

South Hedland skatepark competition – 15th August 2015 – Round 12 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Girls – 1st Felecia Ryder, 2nd Charity Ryder

Scooter beginners – 1st Cyirl Jones, 2nd Jasiah Dann, 3rd Azahary Razili, 4th Kaelin Galby, 5th Joel Comeagain, 6th Tiger Hargood, 7th Jed Taylor, 8th Frank Dhu, 9th Rolando Estrada-Grey, 10th Tyler Brown, 11th Brodie Wilkinson, 12th Kyron Dhu, 13th Brenton Kerrod, 14th Dean West, 15th Malachi Ryder, 16th Diamen Roberts.

Scooter advanced – 1st Jay Thorby, 2nd Johann Councillor, 3rd Richard Dhu, 4th Jacob Wise, 5th Jacob Kerr, 6th Anthony Dann, 7th Jimmy Woods, 8th Ollie Ward, 9th Bailey Hall.

Skate beginners – 1st Jack Velkoski, 2nd Kyal Randazzo.

Bmx beginners – 1st Patrick Wright, 2nd James Wise, 3rd Jacob Wise, 4th Jed Taylor, 5th John Trott.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Perth Royal Show


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad performed 8 days of  bmx stunt show at the 2014 Perth Royal Show. There was a crazy mix of riding taking place over the 8 days. The squad members got to hang out and enjoy the company of others as well as perform in front of thousands of people on the two jump ramps day and night. The crowds were excited and got loud every day for the  bmx stunt show. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

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Freestyle Now – Beenleigh bmx competition


Freestyle Now will hosting the Beenleigh bmx competition at the legendary Beenleigh skatepark in Queensland on the 29th August. Beenleigh skatepark has not seen a bmx competition for a few years so to fill that void Freestyle Now will be inviting bmx riders from around Australia to attend and let the radness flow. Beenleigh skatepark has had a long bmx history with lots of big competitions taking place the during the past 15 years with lots of famous bmx pro riders starting out as little kids riding in the competitions. This competition will also be a forerunner for what is hope to be the Australian bmx skatepark series taking place in 2016. The Beenleigh competition is supported by Colony BMX, Nightfall Bike co, X rated helmets, Pumped Industries, Ethereal Clothing, Sweet ride bmx , Kandy Box clothing and 34R bmx company . The competition will have a pro class and amateur class who can enter into either the skatepark or mini ramp competition. The under 13 class will just be competing on the skatepark. Registrations open at 10am with the competition under way by 12noon. To get all the info either check out the Facebook event page or download the judging criteria and competition format from here. See you and the rest of the Australian bmx scene at Beenleigh.Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition August

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Freestyle Now bmx stunts shows – John Hughes slopestyle


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad performed some radical bmx stunt show recently at the John Hughes slopestyle contest. The contest was one of the best Perth has seen in many years. Mountain bike and bmx riders hitting up a downhill jump course, it was rad to see. Most of the Freestyle Now squad were also competing in the competition. The Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows were also a highlight of the day with a large spectator turn out to witness the insane bmx stunt show that the squad members were all throwing down. The crowds were excited and got loud for the bmx stunts show. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Dylan Schmidt - John Hughes slopestyle

Dylan Schmidt unleashes a large super man tail whip to the slopestyle spectators while Laurence Bakewell looks on.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - 2 John Hughes slopestyle April 2015

Clockwise from top left – Laurence Bakewell throws down a double tail whip – David Pinelli loves to do 360 and this tuck no hander is just one of his favorites – Brady Thomas gets stylish with this rad nac nac – Lee Kirkman goes upside down and get it sideways with and invert backflip.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Dylan Schmidt over Shaun Jarvis  - John Hughes slopestyle

Dylan Schmidt jumps high, how high, high enough to jump over Shaun Jarvis standing at 188cm tall.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - 1 John Hughes slopestyle April 2015

Clockwise from top left – Lee Kirkman flips it over – David Pinelli with a rad 360 nac nac seat grab – Dylan Schmidt is superman – Lee Kirkman like to do Indian air seat grabs, one of his favorite tricks.

More photos can be found on our facebook page here.

A video of the last train in the show performance from one of the bmx stunt shows during the day.

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