Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker York Jam America trip


Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker recently fulfilled one of his long dreams and headed over to America to attend the York Jam in Pennsylvania in America. Jason has been an important member to Freestyle Now since he was enlisted on the squad in 1999 with performing bmx stunt shows around the nation and being heavily involved in the production of Behind the Bars with Shaun Jarvis. Jason sent through some good words about his trip and a few snaps so read on

“Well I guess ever since I started riding freestyle BMX way back in 1995, I came across a video called “Wheelies” That video had, and still has some of the best flatland riding caught on film. Ever since seeing that video, I have wanted to go to York Pennsylvania to ride at the annual event called ‘York Jam’.Earlier this year, while I was on Facebook, I saw an advertisement for the “25th anniversary of York Jam”. I decided just by seeing that ad, that if I was rostered off work, I was going! It was that easy. I looked up my roster and checked that I could go! All that was stopping it, was a decision of “was it worth it”? That was easy to decide. I had always dreamt of going to meet the best riders from the world, the riders who made flatland what it is now! So I said this is it, the Jam has rolled for 25 years, if I miss this one they may not have another! It was the easiest decision I have ever made. So next I was booking the flights and accommodation, car hire etc. Then I thought I would see if anyone wanted to come along. I ended up getting my friend Simon to join, he was stoked!

Simon and I had started riding together back in 1995. He knew the video and the people we were heading to go and hang out with. It was game on! We were booked and ready to go, next I received the worst news from Simon, “man I have broken my leg and torn an ACL and Ligament too”. Oh no way, I was like “so I guess you can’t go”? Simon was like “hell no, I’m going”! So despite the major setback Simon pushed through the pain barrier and discomfort and made it along for the ride.

Jason Parker York bmx Jam trip 2015 holiday snaps

Holiday snaps surrounding the epic bike bag pack up – clockwise from top – That’s LA in the background, The girls from York Jam, The 25th York Jam crew, Looking mean on the Harley Davidson factory tour, New York New York, The yellow Stang, Chillin at the York Jam, Riding at Santa Monica. Photos by Simon Johnston

We left Perth flying via Sydney and then flew onto Los Angeles. We saw Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood, and Huntington Beach. As fate would have it, when we left Huntington Beach Simon noticed a rider in the car park. I was like “No way! That looks like Gabe Weed”! We decided to go see who it was, Yep it sure was Gabe Weed, he was just about to have a ride. We had a yarn and rode some flatland for a bit. Simon and I could not believe it, what is the chance of meeting one of the best flatland riders like that. We then drove down to Las Vegas in a Ford Mustang. That is a must if you are ever going to go see Las Vegas, Simon drove most of the way. We went to Hoover dam then arrived at Los Vegas. After we were in Vegas for a few days we headed to the East coast landing at JFK airport, New York. We had made it to the big apple AKA New York. We did the tourist thing and saw Brooklyn Bridge, Empire state building, and the Statue of Liberty. We also ate the best Pizza ever!  NY is not my scene that’s for sure but the Pizza is so good. We got out of NY and headed to the place we had been waiting to ride since we started riding. The drive was awesome, we saw so much. Once we made it to York we got on the “Buffalo wings” and did a wall mart visit. Simon was loving it! He wanted to get a bike and ride at the jam.

So Friday 11th Sep 2015 the Pre jam day arrived. We headed out to find the spots that were on the advertisement. No one was there yet. We decided to do a Harley Davidson tour while we waited for the jam to start. The place is heaps cool. Interesting fact that Australia is the second biggest purchasers of Harley Davidson other than the US. So about 3.00pm I get a message from Brett Downs on Facebook, Saying “Let me know when you want to go ride”! So I replied “I’m at the Hidden Spot now”! So I was doing a manual and a car pulled up. It was Brett he was like” You want to come ride, with Kevin and me at the Pit”? I was like “Yeah that would be sweet”. So Simon and I followed Brett and we meet up with Chad, Ivan, Terry and Kevin. It was so cool to see Mr Jones ride in person. He cranked up a heap of speed put one foot over the bars and did the longest no handed nose wheelie I had ever seen! EPIC was about as good a word I can think of to describe it. The man is KING! I could not believe how lucky we were, to be able to hang out with these guys. The typical BMX crew, who I had never meet before, but felt like I had known them all of my life! So after hanging with the crew, we headed back to the Hidden spot and started to meet some of the people who also made the long journey to York P.A. Riders from all over the US and Canada had made the effort to be at the 25 year jam. It was so cool to be apart off. We rode until about 8.00pm then headed out with everyone!

Jason Parker York bmx Jam trip 2015

Clockwise from top left – Jason at Santa Monica Beach hitting up a decade – Meeting on Gabe Weed at Huntington Beach – Hanging out at the York jam undercover due to the rain with James McGraw – Meeting legendary flatland rider Kevin Jones

The day had come and after 3 months with no rain in York, the only thing that could ruin travelling over 18000 Km’s was RAIN! Yep it sure did “It pissed down all day”! But in typical flatland style we had plan B. Lucky the locals knew of the best spot in York for this 25 year jam to push on. We had a whole multilevel car park all to ourselves. Well unless the local authorities were to show up! Everyone headed, to go ride in the car park out of the rain, It was awesome I think at least 150 riders made it for this year’s jam. Also we had six girls show up to throw down some flat action, they were all awesome!!  The rest were “two tired”. No that was just a real bad joke! Mark Eaton was cranking tunes all day it was like being in the video “Wheelies” but it was real life. LOL some awesome riding was done and heaps of tricks were pulled. After a full day of flatland, we headed out yet again. We made heaps of new riding friends for life. After a huge night with Lincoln and Matt, everybody reunited and jammed again at the George st spot on Sunday. It was awesome getting to meet hero’s you never think you will ever get to meet in your entire life. So many good riders and the scene was like when I saw “Wheelies”. Thanks to Diggs and everyone who organized York jam. Simon and I left the next day we had 28 hrs of flights and 2 days of travel ahead of us. And then straight back to work for me.

For anyone who has a wish to or thought of an event that you have always wanted to attend, just go for it and make it happen, you will be so happy you made the effort.
As the saying goes Freestyle Now…….. Before it’s too late. Ride on!”

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Golden Bay skatepark competition – Round 1 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 1 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series  took place at the Golden Bay skatepark as part of the Golden Bay street festival. The turnout was great for competitors and spectators alike. Golden Bay was the first competition in the 2016 series. The competition was also saw new classes for competitors to enter, beginners, intermediate and open, it is hoped to give a better range of options for the skills the competitors have for competing. Thank you to all the competitors who rolled and a big thank you to our supporters Local BMXColony bmxSacrifice scootersEthereal Clothing and 4 skateboard Co as well as City of Rockingham and Creating Communities 

Golden Bay skatepark competition 16 january 2016 - Freestyle Now bmx skateboard scooter

Clockwise from top left – Jiordan Giacoppo has so much power when he rides and it showed at Golden Bay with the 1st place in scooter open – Zayn Zikmundovsky was skating like a skater who would take 1st place in skateboard open class, and he did – Dylan Schmidt powered his way around Golden Bay and this superman whip was just some of his radness – Young Chev Carmody is a ripper, this backside on the quarter to the flatbank is rad for the young dude, 1st place in skateboard intermediate.

More photos can be found on the Facebook page here.

Golden Bay skatepark competition – 16th January 2016 – Round 1 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Kayne Lisser, 2nd Jordan Lawler, 3rd Ayden Brown, 4th Declan McGhee, 5th Quin Feodorov, 6th Flynn Reed

Scooter intermediate – 1st Calymn Brandt, 2ndJakob Wells ,3rd Connor Carey, 4th Talyn Galic, 5th Kody Law, 6th Tyson Carroll, 7th Jesse Noy, 8th Kie Underdown, 9th Daniel Gionta, 10th Brayden McGlenchy, 11th Jay Lawler, 12th Taiyo Wright, 13th Brandon Goosens, 14th Ruben Blakey, 15th Jamie Gaebler, 16th Jake Owens, 17th Riley Lang, 18th Ryan Clark

Scooter open – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd James Daly-Kota, 3rd Caleb Pratt, 4th Liam Collins, 5th Lewis Collins, 6th Robert Stevens, 7th Aiden Lillis

Skate beginner – 1st Phin Carmody, 2nd Ethan MacKenzie, 3rd Kie Underdown, 4th Jye Doods

Skate intermediate – 1st Chev Carmody, 2nd Sav Carmody, 3rd Laken Robinson, 4th Cooper Osborne, 5th Toby Doods, 6th Noah Feodorov, 7th Kaiden Barron, 8th Brandon Newbury

Skate open – 1st Zayn Zikmundovsky, 2nd Amill Lake

Bmx beginner – 1st Taj Hamalton, 2nd Cooper Morrow, 3rd Tylan Egan

Bmx open – 1st Dylan Schmidt, 2nd Regan Lothian

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2015 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series – finals results


The 2015 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series (F.N.W.A.S.S.) has come to an end. There was 18 rounds in total covering most of Western Australia from Karratha in the north to Kalgoorlie in the east and several south west locations as well as the Perth metropolitan area. The point series is open to all participants that compete in the advanced class in bmx, skateboard and scooter disciplines at all of the designated skatepark competitions that Freestyle Now hosts. There were lots of competitors who entered the competitions during 2015 with each competitor receiving points for their placing. Points are awarded in the following way for each placing,
1st = 30 , 2nd = 25 , 3rd = 20 , 4th = 10 , 5th = 5 , 6th = 3 , 7th onwards = 1

A congratulations goes out to the competitors who competed and followed the series enough to keep their points up. This series dose not really dictate who it the best rider in the state but gives the competitors a series to follow to work on a yearend title. This is the fifth year the series has been running and it is now gaining momentum. The 2016 series is set to kick off with round 1 at the Golden Bay skatepark on the 16th of January and round 2 at the Butler skatepark on the 29th January. To see all of Freestyle Now coming events be sure to check our coming events page. We will be in touch with the winners of the series to award them prizes for their efforts. A large thank you to our supporters for the competition series –  Local BMX, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co.

Top 3 scooter advanced
1st – Jiordan Giacoppo – 196 points, 2nd – Levi Mills – 99 points, 3rd – Caleb Pratt – 93 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 skate advanced
1st – Mason Brown – 145 points, 2nd – Christian Martinez – 70 points 3rd – Cory Tyers – 63 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 bmx advanced
1st – Dylan Schmidt – 111 points, 2nd – Regan Lothian – 98 points, 3rd – David Pinelli – 90 points
Full results chart here

The 2015 F.N.W.A.S.S. competitions list.

Round 1 – 24th January – Rockingham skatepark
Round 2 – 13th February – Kwinana Skatepark
Round 3 – 7th March – Bayswater skatepark
Round 4 – 21st March – Bridgetown skatepark
Round 5 – 11th April – Rockingham invite competition (double pointer)
Round 6 – 12th April – Collie skatepark
Round 7 – 17th April – Willetton skatepark
Round 8 – 18th April – Dongara skatepark
Round 9 – 19th April – Kalgoorlie skatepark
Round 10 – 2nd May – High Wycombe skatepark
Round 11 – 9th May – Margaret River skatepark
Round 12 – 15th August – South Hedland skatepark
Round 13 – 2nd October –Willetton skatepark
Round 14 – 4th October – Roleystone skatepark
Round 15 – 11th October – Golden Bay skatepark
Round 16 – 24th October – Kalgoorlie skatepark
Round 17 – 21st November – Nickol West Karratha skatepark
Round 18 – 13th December – Busselton skatepark

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Lee Kirkman Shaun Jarvis warehouse video session


A few months ago while Shaun Jarvis was in Brisbane for the Beenleigh bmx competition, he and fellow squad member Lee Kirkman went to an abandoned never got completed warehouse. It’s a large building with some rad riding spots. A short flatland session took place and some clips were taken. The results are in the video. Look outside of the box you live in and explore new grounds, you will be amazed and what you will see.

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Busselton skatepark competition – Round 18 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 18 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series was held at the new Busselton skatepark as part of the opening day celebrations. It was a big day with many competitions taking place at various parts of the park simultaneously. The crowds were big and the people came out to see the new skatepark, one of Western Australia’s biggest, as the official opening took place. The skatepark has a large bowl , small bowl and various street plaza sections. It is a very good well designed park. Freestyle Now managed the bmx and scooter competitions on the day. This was the final round of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series for 2015 and the full results of the series will be posted soon. A big thank you to all the competitors who rolled and to our supporters Local BMX, Colony bmx, Sacrifice scooters, Ethereal Clothing. We also need to give a big shout out to the City of Busselton and all the youth workers who helped make this day so rad.

Freestyle Now busselton skatepark competition december 2015 - Ben Gately 1st place in bmx big bowl beginners

 Ben Gately was going high in the bmx big bowl comp, this was good to see. The three judges Shaun Jarvis, David Pinelli and Jarrod Murfit was also stoked, hands up in the air.

Freestyle Now busselton skatepark competition december 2015 - bmx scooter

Clockwise from top left – Jayden Dennehy hitting up a finger whip in the street plaza scooter competition – Jon Graham double pegging the rail on his way to first in the street plaza bmx comp – Talyn Galic hand planting the 10ft deep end of the big bowl – Shane Ellis rode the big bowl like he was doing it for years with lots of flow and style, 1st place in big bowl.

  More photos can be seen on the facebook page here

Busselton skatepark competition – 13th December 2015 – Round 18 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Jakob Wells, 3rd Talyn Galic, 4th Safyr Iriks
Bmx beginners – 1st Ben Gately, 2nd Aiden Diener, 3rd Ethan Sawyer, 4th Kaine Pountney
Bmx advanced – 1st Shane Ellis, 2nd Jack French, 3rd Regan Lothian, 4th Kasem Phanat, 5th Jon Graham, 6th Russell Forrest, 7th Jason Homes.

Scooter beginners – 1st Bailey Ashman, 2nd Louie Marsh, 3rd Safyr Iriks, 4th Kerim Celiker.
Scooter Advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Brady Forrest, 3rd Talyn Galic, 4th Jakob Wells
Bmx beginners – 1st Aidan Diener, 2nd Kaine Pountney
Bmx advanced – 1st Ben Gately, 2nd Regan Lothian, 3rd Kasem Phanat, 4th Jon Graham, 5th Liam O’Connor, 6th Russell Forrest

Scooter beginners – 1st Louie Marsh, 2nd Safyr Iriks, 3rd Kerim Celiker, 4th Bailey Ashman, 5th Kaleb Semark, 6th James Gough
Scooter advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Talyn Galic, 3rd Brady Forrest, 4th Jakob Wells
Bmx beginners – 1st Ethan Sawyer, 2nd Jim Ward, 3rd Ryan Copley
Bmx advanced – 1st John Graham, 2nd Regan Lothian, 3rd Russell Forrest, 4th Shane Ellis

Scooter beginners – 1st Louie Marsh, 2nd Safyr Iriks, 3rd Kerim Celiker, 4th Kaleb Semark, 5th James Gough
Scooter advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Talyn Galic, 3rd Jakob Wells, 4th Brady Forrest, 5th Safyr Iriks
Bmx beginners – 1st Aidan Diener, 2nd Ethan Sawyer, 3rd Kaine Pountney 4th  Ben Gately, 5th Jim Ward, 6th Ryan Copley
Bmx advanced – 1st Regan Lothian, 2nd John Graham, 3rd Shane Ellis, 4th Kasem Phanat, 5th Russell Forrest, 5th Ben Gately, 7th Jack French, 8th Liam O’Connor, 9th Jason Homes

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Dez Maarsen – bmx flatland video


Freestyle Now Dez maarsen - ABC of Flatland 2015 by Maxime CasagneNew Freestyle Now squad member Dez Maarsen has just released a new bmx flatland video. Lost tapes 3 contains new links and first timed pulled combos. Dez is currently ranked 6th on the bmx flatland world circuit and its easy to see why with the crazy riding in the video. The bmx flatland video was filmed over the past year and like with all flatland videos lots of time and hard work has gone into the riding. Give it a watch and know that flatland is one of the hardest forms of bmx riding.

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Freestyle Now new recruits squad member – Jack Carwardine


Freestyle Now would like to welcome new recruits squad member Jack Carwardine. Freestyle Now has introduced a new programme to help the younger crew come up the ranks and help them understand what sponsorship is all about. Every young radster must start somewhere and that is what The Recruits is all about. Younger shredders who show the potential to roll out the rad, being inclusive, show the potential to be good role models and the ability to progress up the ladder of radness, one day could become a full Freestyle Now squad member. Jack Carwardine will be promoting Freestyle Now to the masses and in turn Freestyle Now will be helping Jack understand how a sponsorship works.

Freestyle Now Jack Carwardine turndown photo Duncan Barnes

Jack came out to one of the Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows at the Perth Arena recently to have a roll and meet some of the Freestyle Now squad members – Photo Duncan Barnes

Jack has been involved in competing in many of the Freestyle Now skatepark competitions over the past few years as well as attending many of the Freestyle Now skatepark workshop session. This has been a great platform for Freestyle Now to get to know Jack and see how he interacts with others and get to know him. Freestyle Now gets lots of videos and contacts on “can you sponsor me”. Videos only show the persons riding and not their character or persona, this is something that is just as important as the skills ability
So many young shredders say they want to be sponsored but none really understand what then means. Sponsorship is a two way deal, the rider promotes the brand, and the brand helps the rider. Too many young guns think that they just get product and that’s it, they don’t understand how the sponsorship treadmill works. For Freestyle Now, the recruit’s squad is the chance to help out young shredders but also to help them educate others what sponsorship is all about. Welcome to the squad Jack stoked to have you rolling out the rad.

Freestyle Now Jack Carwardine table at Willetton 2015 photo Tim Sutherland

Jack has been to many of the Freestyle Now skatepark competitions and has been competing well. This table top taken at the Willetton competition – Photo by Tim Southerland.

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Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows – Perth Arena


Freestyle Now recently had the chance to perform some bmx stunt shows at a private function at the Perth Arena. It was a Christmas party for all of the major companies that have used or will be using the Perth Arena for their entertainment purposes and events. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Dylan Schmidt were joined by reserve squad member Matt Adkins and guest rider Jacob DeAbreu to perform some great entertaining bmx stunt shows. Many rad tricks took place and the people were entertained. If you are looking at this type of entertainment for your next event make sure you get in contact with Freestyle Now.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Dylan Schmidt at Perth Arena dec 2015

All Dylan Schmidt need is a cape for this superman.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show at Perth Arena dec 2015 photos Duncan Barnes

Clockwise from top left – Matt Adkins spins the bars – For this equation we have Dylan Schmidt over Shaun Jarvis which equals radness – Super whip from Dylan Schmidt – Young Jack Carwardine came out to the show and had a bit of a roll, information on Jack will be posted to our site soon – all photos by Duncan Barnes
More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

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Welcome Dez Maarsen – Freestyle Now squad member


Freestyle Now would like to welcome Dez Maarsen from the Netherlands to the squad. Dez brings his world class bmx flatland riding to the squad, with his recent 6th placing in the 2015 BMX Flatland World Circuit. In the past year Dez has followed the circuit to Flatark in Kobe Japan and placed 11th, Real Spin City in Montreal Canada placing 3rd and to Voodoo Jam in Louisiana America where he placed 3rd. His determination to ride is a major driving force in his placings and this is evident in his riding. Fast and aggressive combos with lots of style.

Freestyle now Dez Maarsen at Flatark final Photo yuriochan11

Dez Maarsen at Flatark 2015 where he placed 11th in the open class.

Dez Maarsen comes from a country where there are more bikes than people, the Netherlands, so it’s no wonder he started riding bmx. With no local skateparks to start riding at, like in Australia and other countries, flatland was the obvious choice. Going to one of the big international contests, Flatground, and seeing the best riders in the world was what set Dez on his flatland bmx riding career. Some of Dez Maarsen’s other career highlights have been in 2010 when Dez went on Holland’s Got Talent and made it to the semi-finals performing live for 1.8 million viewers. In 2012 Dez got an invitation to participate in the Red Bull Circle of Balance in Kyoto, Japan. Only 16 of the best riders in the world got an invite, this is a true indication of his determination and success in flatland. Dez’s drive in riding and willingness to get rad makes him a great asset to the Freestyle Now squad. We will be adding a squad profile page for Dez in the coming days.

Freestyle now Dez Maaresn voodoo jam by Aaron Nardi

Dez Maarsen took out the 3rd place at the 2015 Voodoo jam in  Louisiana.

To get some insight on Dez Maarsen joining Freestyle Now we asked Shaun Jarvis and Paul Chamberlain for some words

Shaun Jarvis (Freestyle Now founder and squad member) - “I first saw Dez at Flatlark in 2014. We were at Meriken Park and I saw this rider who had a style that blew me away, lots of flow and so consistent. He was quiet and articulate and just keen to ride and not sit around and chat to everyone. He rode well in the contest and we partied after the contest. Another year later I found myself again in Kobe for Flatark and again Dez Maarsen was there. Once again we were riding at Meriken Park before the contest and I was blown away with his riding and manner. Something that is important to being a Freestyle Now squad member. So come to the open class rounds and finals I’m standing with Paul Chamberlin on the side watching and Paul says to me that Dez doesn’t have a sponsor. I was speechless, one of the top riders in the world who has no support from companies to help with his riding, really!! I could not believe it. I knew that Paul had known Dez for sometime from the European contests that Paul had been to and I trust Paul’s judgment on character, it’s the same way that we put Tánh Gà on the squad from Vietnam. So I just said to Paul “we should put him on the squad” and Paul was just like “yeah man” so now the rest is history as they say. I said to Dez, that the main goal of Freestyle Now is to promote radness, he replied “sounds rad, lets promote radness”. Welcome to the squad”.

Paul Chamberlain (Freestyle Now squad member and friend of Dez)  - “I first saw Dez in 2004 in Germany. He was a tiny little Dutch kid who could do so many tricks. Those were good days, soooo many riders in the Netherlands at that time. I felt like it was easy to progress quickly with all those riders in Amsterdam. Lots of events going on. Yeah, it was a kind of golden era for flatland in Europe. Since then a lot of guys quit, or stopped going to events, then the events stopped. Blah blah blah. Now there are only a few riders in the Netherlands. Dez just kept going and going though. I mean, flatland is kind of all he has ever really wanted to do I think. He’s got so much passion and energy for it.
So, having said that, I was so surprised when I found out now, over 10 years later, that Dez didn’t have any sponsors. I was shocked. Completely shocked. He’s out there at all the events, travelling, placing pretty well amongst a bunch of guys who are all sponsored. So, here we are. Dez is on Freestyle Now. I can’t think of another rider more deserving of a little help. Welcome to the squad Dez!”

Freestyle now Dez Maarsen 2016 new BMX flatland bike

Freestyle Now hooked up Dez Maarsen with a bunch of the new Colony bmx flatland products for him to set up this new ride for 2016. Looking fresh.

Some words from Dez Marssen – “For me the most important part about going to a contest is that I get to hang out and ride with people that love flatland as much as I do! The best part for me from FlatArk was riding and hanging out at Meriken Park! There was an amazing vibe and flatland at its purist. Closing that weekend with Shuan and Paul offering to support me with Colony parts was pretty much the cherry on top! I’m super stoked to be starting 2016 with a brand new whip and to be joining the Freestyle Now squad! I’ll be definitely making a trip down under soon!”

Freestyle Now Dez maarsen - ABC of Flatland 2015 by Maxime Casagne

Dez Maaresn at the ABC flatland contest in France where he took out 1st place.

Dez Maaresn did a trip to Valencia Spain and got some rad clips.

Dez Maarsen  in japan in 2013

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Freestyle Now at DownUnderGround


Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlain, Shaun Jarvis and Lee Kirkman recently attended the finals of DownUnderGround, the Australian national bmx flatland contest series in Melbourne. This was series 7 of DownUnderGround and again Freestyle Now was proud to be one of the supporters of the event. Paul Chamberlain won the pro class with Lee Kirkman taking out the second place. With his second place Lee took home the year end title for the pro class. Shaun Jarvis placed third in the advanced class. A big congratulation to all three riders for their great efforts of rolling out the rad and placing well in the national bmx flatland contest.

Freestyle Now at Downunderground bmx flatland contest nov 2015

Freestyle Now at DownUnderGround, Shaun Jarvis 3rd advanced, Lee Kirkman 2nd pro and 1st year end title in pro, Paul Chamberlain 1st pro.

Shaun Jarvis at DownUnderGround bmx flatland contest Melbourne 2015

Shaun Jarvis mid rope-a-roni.

Lee Kirkman at DownUnderGround bmx flatland contest Melbourne 2015

Lee Kirkman getting his no hander backyard on.

Paul Chamberlain at DownUnderGround bmx flatland contest Melbourne 2015

Paul Chamberlain rolling with the hitchhiker.


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